do some experience in the school campus to promote the line

a few days ago accidentally came to Admin5 Adsense nets here, but soon fell in love with here. The people here are very good, the atmosphere is very good, a lot of experts. It is a night unable to part away from here. Seeing so many people write, put some of their own experience and some views about it, everybody to exchange it, ha ha.

B2C market, just like a pond with fish, but now is the stone age, most is you a fork, I catch a, except around the pond jumped to nothing, but I think the "net" one day there will be an early start to come out, or your head.

for a B2C site, the product does not need to say, then the rest of the customer in the first place. How to let the customer know, willing to experience, remember, and then come back to help you do publicity, say who understand, who is difficult to do. I’ll tell you my opinion from the line.

    under the line can be broadly divided into schools, business district, District, plant four bar. I would like to say that the school, the market potential of the university I do not have to say, we all know. But there is a phenomenon seen pretty much make online shopping and doing promotion in the school, but eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

In fact, the

school promotion is not to say that pull a banner, a sponsorship, with the club do what you can get away. I simply put into the school publicity, youth cooperation, community activities and independent activities three. The Communist Youth League, engage in name, not practical; community, can contact the most, is a hole, but for their sponsorship of the hundreds of independent activities; big! For the first two, will hurt you. If you say you have no money, just to burn that brand.

once a company in Yunnan, a university, even the school’s main building steps are the company’s advertising, but the order is still poor. So, if there is some advertising company and you said how many billboards their national universities, and how many blocks are made in the dormitory door is the position, how can attract eyeball, deep breath, close your eyes and say three times, liar, liar, liar. (advertising company’s friends do not hit me, but your products are not suitable for us, ha ha).

in fact, the school is very simple, very good to do, as long as adhere to the line. First of all, in the school to contact a booth, different prices in different places, but also the means to get this position is different, the actual operation of the national universities can operate in addition to Tsinghua University, Peking university. About the number of 3 people; a parasol or 2*2 or 3*3 tents, will cost about 100, which also can be printed with the company web site and logo; DM number about control about the total number of school 10%, general enough to send, the product control in 100-200, and is the hinge; small gifts, 1 yuan but remember, is not the sample site. Perhaps so much preparation, if there is not to say that the whole may be >