Planning to do before the station

station is just like the construction of a building foundation is not good, no planning can’t be very tall, only to lay the foundation of stability to build a edifice, lay a good foundation of our website first is to locate a good web site, positioning website development in which field, to provide what services for users. To develop to what extent. And then the specific planning of each column inside the contents of the function.

SEO fantasy do a few summary:

first, the site should be accurate positioning

The purpose of the

site is to provide users with services, at the same time to gain profit, positioning errors, providing service users are not interested in this means that there is no value of the site. Sites that have no value and can’t make a profit are eventually turned off. So how to make the website localization, is very simple, want to do a website is to do the business you know, now that you know the industry so we clearly know the advantages and disadvantages of this industry, we must take the disadvantages is up, we can provide quality service from starting to customize a the development directions.

two, web site planning to clear

is a good site navigation is very important, the user is through the navigation bar to select what he is interested in the program you want to continue to look for information and services, navigation should be very clearly reflects the focus of the website provides information and services. For example, card baby network, navigation bar is very clear list of the site’s focus: credit card offers credit card credit card

credit card payments through the navigation bar, the user can find and their hearts want to match the information.

three, the site should have their own characteristics


site must have their own characteristics, the vast majority of corporate websites are stereotyped pattern, good products and services is not reflected in the website home page, now this time even if the wine is also afraid of deep alley, as do the site must have its own characteristics to move out, let users see at the first glance.

four, attention to detail and user experience

site to do is to face potential customers, and then find out the potential customers in these high-quality customers. The website itself should pay attention to the details of the structure is not clear, the user clicked inside to retrieve the original page but can’t find it, this is taboo, column clear structure can allow customers to spend more time to browse the web, as far as possible every article is useful to the user, each products are introduced in detail to allow users to learn important information at a glance all products (some products may be described more, this product can be put out, list of customers are most concerned about and bring the rest of the information on the following description). Do stand before you go to the peer web site to see, to see other people’s website is what service, the user’s attitude is how the user experience is very important, it can make a survey to understand user behavior and intention and user >