Bai Gengxiao from Mou Changqing’s 28 push overnight fame to see the site planning

recent events in the world of webmaster, when the number of 28 website grand debut. By master Mou Changqing to lead the 28 disciples to set up 28, officially launched in the day to day, and in just half a day, close to 2000 registered post, the amount of up to 4000, Baidu is in the online site quickly included just 3 hours, let all people in may not look askance.

28 why can be so successful, many experts have done a review and analysis, but are focused on the success of its promotion means, often overlooked the success of its previous site planning.

a website, in order to be successful, the first step is the site planning. No good planning, even if the means of promotion and strong, it is difficult to achieve a breakthrough and success. Then, we will push 28 as an example, look at the tips of the web site planning.

a, site positioning

site positioning, is the focus of all the owners must be considered before the site of a key. In 28 to push, for example, Mou Changqing can be said to be a very high level of visibility within the old experts, in various fields are also involved in a wide range of resources and contacts in the industry are very rich. If it launched a portal station, buy station, or movie station, what the novel stand, may not be successful. However, the final selection of their best and most focused on the field of industry – network marketing to share and interact. It can be seen from this point, the owners in the station, must not be light headed, hastily choose their own do not like or do not like the industry involved.

In addition

, a website to mention, in the site before, we must locate their target users (customers) group, with 28 points in the market than in what we hope is to get one over, then according to the different ratio of crowd of consumer psychology, psychological analysis to the audience better planning their own website (on this point, in a later article I will analyze


two, early publicity (network promotion)

many owners will have stepped into a minefield: to stick to the same publicity. In fact, this is a very stupid approach, and it is easy to let the site into a stagnant predicament, people lose confidence. The ancient saying: military forces did not move, the forage. This is also very suitable for today’s webmaster. We take a look at Mou Changqing’s 28 push, before the official appearance of its site, in fact, has been done for a long time to promote large-scale publicity.

· in Mou Changqing’s blog, because the old Mu every hour and moment a whoop and a holler, blog has high visibility, traffic is extraordinary, natural let 28 push has been known in appearance before, for the successful debut under mass base pad.

· also, in the old Mu collar, but also every hour and moment propaganda with the upcoming birth of 28, in the crowd of fans, 28 was born first became famous, for so many.