What kind of network marketing plan

recently, there are many bosses, business executives call or directly to our company to consult, how marketing website construction? How to do site promotion? And other similar problems, generally demand network marketing related services and consulting. Overall, the majority of enterprises on the new concept of network marketing is more interested in, and we are willing to cooperate with the Institute of network marketing, but also to send department heads to participate in training.

I think one of the reasons we should guess, now when wine is not afraid of deep alley, the current domestic market by the impact of the financial crisis, the traditional market similar products very much, so the competitiveness is very large, many managers have begun to transfer to the line of sight from the traditional market network, will imagine their products through the network into the hearts of consumers, so that they accepted and recognized.

enterprises to expand the network marketing, we must implement a marketing plan, if you need to expand marketing through the network, then we can call this book the network marketing plan. First, to take full account of the problem: starting from the market, feasibility and unique creative, team awareness, clear division of labor, have to help solve problems of preparation and response capabilities, to enhance corporate brand and benefit for the purpose.

today, the traditional industry thriving enterprise management on the concept of network marketing, may not be familiar with, in other words may be very vague, strange! In fact, about how to establish a network marketing plan, I have a deep feeling, a lot of contact to the Advisory Network Marketing related services boss or the top, they now business is not lonely. It is found that there are peers or competitors have begun the transition from the traditional market to the network market, there do not want to lose the feeling.

face their doubts and concerns, even I will reverse bumps, after all people to the actual effect, you and what she is talking about network marketing, what website optimization, to promote the integration of what is in vain. For example, a female costume photography boss said a word, as long as we store guests lined up every month waiting to take pictures of people enough. Faced with a similar situation, I generally do not tell him a lot about the theory of network marketing, but simply, about the characteristics and advantages of the network marketing.

next, I usually ask customers to write down 7 questions, of which 5 W and 2 h:

what program to solve the problem of what is the implementation of the program to achieve what kind of effect for the enterprise to create much value?

who who is responsible for the creative and the preparation of the chief executive who is responsible for the implementation of each part of the


where for the promotion of the product is the problem, the implementation of marketing programs to involve what time? Unit?

why why do you propose such a plan? Why do you want to do this?

How to arrange

when >