Are talking about feelings in the end what is the nternet


feeling has always been there, really be fried hot is a hammer, the hammer of the Luo fat about feelings let fans cry, a what kind of products can have feelings? It is not the product itself to hammer mobile phone bill, but the brand with the hammer and hammer people.

talked about feelings, when the Internet was just development, then just started now the Internet bigwigs which do not have Internet feelings? Not the feelings can now have the TABLE and Sohu, Sina, NetEase and other portal? Bigwigs do not recall the past time not talked about feelings, but the word now has feelings with the thinking of the Internet as a guest they just talk about. After Ma Jiajia fame, in the face of the media will mention feelings; millet 4 conference, Rebs also talked about feelings; if there is no feelings, don’t know how I will hammer.

are talking about feelings, in the end what is feeling it?

feelings with traces of Internet thinking

feelings can be understood as feelings and emotions, extended can be interpreted as the treatment of a particular field or the feelings of love, a person with a sense of the field, does not mean that he is successful. No success can express feelings, this can be understood as a dynamic persevere or self deprecating inspirational; success can also express feelings, it is adhering to some feelings to be successful. Thus, the feelings are neutral, who can have.

spent for the expression of mood and mind of people, but to the development of the Internet, it is a bit different. Zhou Hongyi said, before the first thing to say feelings, and now is the first to talk about feelings again". The result is that no matter whether it can become the first to show feelings anyway, let people feel that this is a man who can do things or a marketing enterprise, taste, so called feelings marketing, it’s not over, because feelings with obvious traces of Internet marketing thinking.

this is mainly manifested in the mood is said to listen to the fans, most people do not pay for the feelings, but the feelings of different fans, fans as the content of the product, they think to have feelings of the product is human consciousness, or have feelings of the product is alive and character. So the quality of the original millet mobile phone can also be criticized for inclusion, but also contain broken double glass hammer mobile phone, regardless of the success of the project ma Allison, venture capital industry has been that I am Ma Jiajia can be cast, which is a combination of feelings of logic thinking of the internet.

feelings and work which should be the first


feelings on this point in the Internet, the current round of discussion is generally should first have feelings or do things. Feelings are a must, this almost equivalent to the ideal of the concept of mind seems to be an agent, can set a great goal, and then to this goal. As for the final success seems to be another kind of rhetoric, since ancient times, people will bring success to "heaven, earth and man" that several elements, the >