Stationmaster net daily broadcast YY successful listing of sina micro blog commercial value was bear


1, the Wall Street Journal: YY successful listing of the stock market to regain confidence in

according to the Wall Street journal website reported that social media platform to play YY (ticker symbol YY) on Wednesday officially listed for trading on the Nasdaq stock market, and the market has been warmly welcomed that investors have to seek to regain the United States listed company China faith.

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Wall Street Journal: YY success in the market to regain confidence in the stock market

YY listed on the first day to close at $11.31, up $600 million market capitalization of $7.71%

Lenovo from the YY listing to the future of mobile Internet

2, Sina micro-blog Alibaba to abandon the purchase of commercial value was bearish or

Alibaba shares Sina micro-blog market rumors, shaking reversal occurred within four days. Have a lot of traffic resources can not be realized, the user growth and activity hit the ceiling, Sina has been exploring a clear business model of micro-blog, but said of an aged person.

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3, Taobao ambition: ban now return to the class to create a closed loop Taobao


is too big, cough will knock down a large, when Taobao Alliance announced next year will no longer support the return now Taobao class passengers, people have such a feeling of the unpredictable future rebate website. 20, Amoy’s Taobao Alliance announced that, starting from January 1st next year will no longer support Taobao station Shopping for Refund Taobao off mode, only support the return and return back real points, coupons and other non cash rebate mode. The reason for the adjustment of the rules is part of the return of the kind of Taobao customers in the propaganda exaggerated the amount of cash, violations are not present, the interests of consumers and affect the price system.

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Taobao ambition: ban now return to the class to create a closed loop Taobao

and Taobao blocked cash back rebate network: does not affect beauty

4, Gome electricity supplier changed the United States online electricity supplier in the future is the core channel

this week, Gome announced by the end of September 30th three quarter earnings report shows that the first three quarter revenue of Gome listed companies of about 36 billion 57 million yuan, down 18.02%, net profit of 687 million yuan loss. At the same time, Gome announced the creation of a new electricity supplier model, Gome online store changed its name to the United States online.

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changed its name