O2O ten predictions the birth of a new Unicorn into the elderly

O2O let the greatest charm lies in as strong as iron business world is full of uncertainty, so that the business logic of hundred years changeless from orbit. Giants, entrepreneurs, in the mobile Internet Ecosystem, who do not have enough sense of security. So the world fission, O2O, no one dares to say five years later, not even dare to assert the next second. In order to avoid collapse, they must speed rush in, once again overturned remodeling itself in the course of the whole business, do a complete metamorphosis". See inventory O2O ten big change state Crazy: why they put down the burden of the stars.

however, there are still a lot of people will boldly show. Billion state power network O2O industry summit, Xiaobian collected industry veteran and project traders, hardcore users of 10 prediction of the future trend of God O2O. These predictions seem to be the creator. Be careful not revealing the inner world, but in reality he is intentionally left traces.

Top.10 home service does not dare to retreat "burn"?

2015 instant hot various "home" "home" to the night when all over on both sides of the Changjiang River had -, O2O also defines a new lazy economy. Consumers are really lazy to the front door two step? Or a traditional service really makes people with deep hatred and resentment? Perhaps not.

a massage service home entrepreneurs told billion state power network, whether it is hot or takeout, a variety of on-site service, as long as the businesses to stop subsidies and envelopes, users will like and dispersed.

burn is an aphrodisiac or poison? A home chef O2O entrepreneurs believe that cash flow is more important than mother (Cash flow is more important than your mother)." He pointed out that most startups are because of insufficient cash flow to die, not because no team, no business. To have sufficient cash flow, companies have a strong ability to finance.

perhaps, drops taxi to burn an inspirational story of changes in the industry, so that more O2O entrepreneurs realize that in order to grow, there is no bottom line to meet all the needs of consumers.

TOP.9 group

blood to reproduce?

countless home O2O emergence, feed a lot of platform. Jingdong, 58, the U.S. group, public comment, jumei.com, beauty, all become the beneficiaries of the door O2O. Platform of the war has officially declared the O2O industry has become a new growth point.

spotlight, in new markets this is not conclusive "who is the overlord", two or three years before the war and will reproduce the group purchase, platform level shopping will also be the brightest completely "the monsters and freaks of all descriptions dragged into the vortex of war.

every home platform is expected to become a major entrance to the service class O2O, and the lessons of the Internet again and again to tell the market, the rest of the king, the last to survive the old