The role of enterprises included in marketing

in the eyes of many IT people, it seems that all the paper is to see the light die, their reason is very simple: first, the electronic media has been readily available. Second, I will not pay for print. This kind of thinking is actually a kind of either this or that way of thinking. If we look at the history of the development of science and technology, we will find that although technology products will emerge in an endless stream, but many products are complementary, mutually beneficial, mutually beneficial, rather than mutually substitutable. For example, although we are holding a cell phone all day, but we also use fixed telephone. Although we face the computer for a long time, but we also watch tv. Similarly, although we look at the site, but occasionally turn the newspaper. So, within the enterprise, especially the value of existence is still. And in my opinion, with the help of more convenient information exchange and new marketing concept, the role of the enterprise not only did not disappear, but enhanced. This may explain why some enterprises, especially in large enterprises, there is still a reason within the enterprise.


, I have my own experience, focus on enterprises included in the role of marketing.

strengthen communication with dealers

The author has been engaged in

within the enterprise in an instrument enterprise editor, occasionally with the leadership of the company around contact product distributors and agents. Agents in these areas are often agents of multiple manufacturers of products. Almost every area agents front, all put a lot of brochures of various enterprises, although the binding are different, but the structure and content of the same album. We asked whether the agents look carefully at these pictures, some agents said they would not carefully browse, because many different brands of product parameters are almost the same. But for our company within the enterprise, many agents have shown keen interest. According to the agency that they represent the product of an enterprise, not only to see the quality and price of products of these factors, also to understand the inner workings of the enterprise, enterprise culture, management, which can stimulate a businessman’s interest, will enhance the enterprise for agents of transparency, enhanced trust agent for enterprises. The statistics, the proportion of products is the biggest agent in our products, I believe there is a role within the enterprise.

to develop the public marketing relationship

in China’s business environment, the government, state-owned enterprises occupy an important position, which is the fact that the existence of. Many companies rely on the government and state-owned enterprises to survive, national policies and business trends may affect the operation of some enterprises. What are the factors that influence the decision-making of government and state-owned enterprises?. These think tanks in China include trade associations, academic institutions, etc.. Within the enterprise can go deep into the internal structure, has an indirect impact, thus making for enterprise development opportunities. I come into contact with an enterprise networking editing. They included the Editorial Committee of almost all well-known experts and scholars in the industry, through regular approximations, and these.