On the means and methods of website promotion

had never written articles, the main purpose is to write the promotion can help enterprises and individuals in their own website as some force; § site type classification because the type and functions of the site are not the same, so in the promotion before, we must first understand their own website is what type of. Then combined with the function, purpose, in order to make targeted promotion of the formidable project.

site from the purpose of the site, can be divided into the following types:

1, brand promotion (refers to the Internet as the carrier, brand building, brand promotion, allowing visitors to deepen the understanding of the company, to have a better understanding of the corporate brand, culture, idea), such sites is dazzling visual effects, purple, have very good correlation website design and the enterprise culture, products, technology used in the picture, Flash, video more.

2, marketing support (website audience groups mainly to its core customers, providing after-sales service, product technical support, product marketing, etc.)

3 platform, information type (website content, content is king, pay attention to information rich, easy retrieval, easy to use), which is divided into integrated information portal, community friends, apartment layout music / movie downloads, blogs, websites of various types of classification;

4, e – Commerce (with commodity trading as the main purpose, the audience for the public)

§ on the promotion of the so-called web site promotion, is to let as many potential users to understand and visit the site, through the site to obtain relevant information.

§ the general means of promotion promotion strategy mainly includes: online promotion (search engine promotion (like http://s.nhroom.com this is my main station, do GOOGLE promotion), EMAIL promotion, association website, website content promotion, viral marketing, word chain, network advertising, traffic exchange, QQ group, various circle, pop ads, classification website, yellow pages ads etc.); offline promotion (media, soft speculation, quiz, online coupons, for investigation, the activities of the organization, the organization of the session, and some commercial sponsorship), in order to promote creativity.

according to the user’s understanding of the way the site and the site itself, different methods for different types of sites:

1) brand promotion website in view of the main purpose of this web site, select the promotion methods, should adhere to a principle, affect the user experience, will hurt the website and the reputation of the brand firmly is not used, the better approach is the use of online advertising, association website, business sponsorship and activities of four kinds of methods, combined with the the line of print ads, TV media advertising and other effective print, this type of representative such as http://s.huiyuan.com.cn/, is selected on the portal site.