Tap the local Trilogy

a lot of people now do love the local WeChat, so many people do not know how to do, all want to ah, really is the so-called various methods together so emerge in an endless stream ah, look at the local fans Trilogy


1: sweep the two-dimensional code free shoes

my circle of friends to see someone using a mobile phone to shoot down the way to see me today, free shoes. For WeChat mobile phone two-dimensional code can be scanned, then on the street to and fro many natural populations, we see, many wearing leather shoes will look at the past, since the free scan two-dimensional code, then sweep the chant, your shoes are also free! Many people around, one day down a few hundred accurate local fans is not a problem

2: scan two-dimensional code send mask

this is a social relationship, this is done for cosmetic friend, he contacted Kendl Ki Macdonald and around some of the fast food can delivery delivery service, tell them I’ll give you 100 paste mask (cost should be in about 50 to 100) after as long as you let female customers ordering the woman under the two-dimensional scanning code, after delivering a mask, a month of success to obtain accurate female clients over 2000 followers

3: do market activities precise fans

Saturday Sunday, commercial street is particularly much, friends directly hit ad banners, scan two-dimensional code to send the first drink, beverage cost is high, so this method is combined with another way of operation, the Baidu wallet when we all know, for many of the dividend, this is Baidu real activities, one day he successfully get the local fans do not say, also earned a lot, after recently out of a wind mobile phone APP, my room I also put a diary, he is also through this project directly to send drinks, let others first scan two-dimensional code, after scanning in addition a two-dimensional code, install the software, after he got back his commission, drink to others, every Saturday Sunday he will go to find something to use with. For now, his local micro signal has a lot of fans!


three is actually a lot of people will do, but many people do not grasp, never thought this thing can do so, the local fans have what use I do not introduce a lot of friends, naturally know this thing, I just put this method to share with more friends, so that everyone can be to do it, if only in the home to do it, why don’t you try to be successful


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