My movie station is how to let DOMZ included

the day before yesterday, my movie station, was included in the domz. In the excitement, I would like to talk about some experience to sum up!

first, the site traffic can not be too small

two, the web page can not be too simple

three, PR value shall not be less than two

four, search ranking can not be too bad

five, submitted, the content of the site should not be too long, preferably in less than 25 words. Do not put the site does not content.

six, the site should be updated regularly to see the vitality of

site to join the Dmoz directory

the following content is I find on the Internet, please look at, I hope some help:

ODP has two purposes: to build the most comprehensive and authoritative directory on the web, and to build a resource that is generally considered to be of high quality and rich in content. Simply put, editors should choose a large number of high-quality sites. Consider the relative value of a resource with other resources that can be used in the project. Value is not only the quality of the site; it also includes the provision of important, independent information for it.

generally speaking, ODP editors should be included in the website including such content:

original, unique and precious material content, so that it provides a number of unique content for the subject of the category;

different opinions on important issues. ODP tries to include the breadth and depth of human knowledge, and includes all the topics and all the ideas about these topics.

editors should consider this when reviewing each site:

1, the content of the site is not the same as other sites? – a site should not be a mirror of the content of another site.

2, ODP can accept as you want to log on the website? – the site should not be included in the list of sites that we generally do not log in.

3, the site is complete? – the site should have a normal connection and rich content of the page. Links should not include dead pages or pages without content. If a website is still under construction, then it is not a good choice to join the Open Directory. In some cases, although the site may have a bad connection, poor design or other "quality" issues, but provide some online is difficult (or even can not be found), please consider those sites to ODP. Although they have drawbacks, if the content is rare and unique, the site may be considered very useful.

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