The development path of a website planner

      Web site planning is a systematic project, although the majority of domestic enterprises as well as major Internet companies have not put the site planning to an important position. However, the importance of the site planning is undeniable, the current domestic professional website planner is not much, some come from the web designer turned, some are transformed from the network marketing personnel, some are transformed from the Internet industry analyst. In general, website planning more teachers need to master the knowledge, but also with the view to look far ahead from a high plane to engage in the Internet industry, especially the company website planning work is more important, because the strategy research and development direction of more in the website. Corporate website is relatively speaking, the planning of the Internet economy to grasp the knowledge of this area is relatively less.

Sun Tzu said: "before doing battle winner, may also be more; before doing battle is not a winner, is also less. More wins, less is extremely," no calculation at all? I see in this view, the outcome."

therefore, the planning of a website and the future development of the development plays a key role.. So, do you want to be a good web designer?

Generally speaking, the

website planning needs to have the following knowledge:

1, good copy writing ability

idea again, the idea of the novel, if you can not use words to express well, then it will be a very regrettable thing.. Copy writing ability is the most basic quality requirement of a planner. Therefore, we must strengthen the exercise in this area.

2, familiar with the Internet economy

whether it is a corporate website or professional Internet companies, to a certain extent, the need for a certain degree of grasp of the Internet economy. May be on the web site of this enterprise requires a little bottom point.. However, if you are engaged in purely Internet companies, such as WEB2.0 sites, online media, wireless value-added, etc.. You must need deep charm the connotation of the Internet economy, because of the particularity of the Internet economy, launched a new technology and new ideas, can lead to effect of volcano, can set up a number of outstanding website, also can fall down a large number of sites, so, as a blow bubble, planner must be careful, because of the establishment of the strategic direction and profit pattern is on the Internet on the basis of the understanding of economic…… If you do not understand this, then you plan the site is a type of meat without any challenge and development potential.

3, with good analytical ability and logical thinking ability

site planning, we can use the 5 "W" to the comprehensive consideration of the website, the website function, profit pattern analysis, website localization, although it is very subjective, invisible, untouchable, but really all the important reference for the follow-up work, and the positioning of the website function >