Electricity supplier must be in the business promotion of large scale filing requirements do not fal

yesterday, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Electronic Commerce Association convened 44 e-commerce businesses, held a large promotional website requirement not only to industry and commerce to record, have emergency treatment scheme. It is understood that online shopping complaints have accounted for more than half of the total complaints.

online shopping complaints surged nearly 2 times

shortly before the double 11, double 12, electricity providers are playing a promotional card, but after the event because of sales, returns and other issues caused a lot of complaints. 12315 consumer complaint center, this year has received online shopping complaints of 25649, accounting for the total number of complaints of the same period last year, compared with the same period last year (8962) increased by 1.86 times.

yesterday, industry and commerce, Commerce Commission, Electronic Commerce Association convened 44 electricity supplier, signed the "network of retail customer service proposal, including make repair, replacement and return take the initiative to consumers; issued consumer vouchers or documents; ensure the authenticity, accuracy of price information, not false promotion 8 commitments.

large promotions have contingency plans

with particular reference to the implementation of large-scale website promotion, anniversary activities should be brought before to the industrial and commercial departments for the record, and shall establish the customer service complete emergency treatment scheme, to prevent the occurrence of complaints and malignant group.

at the same time, online shopping business is the first person responsible for the handling of consumer complaints, customer service information must be established publicity, designated person responsible for the coordination of 12315 complaints to resolve. The quality of the goods or services raised by consumers, within 4 hours to make a reply; the time of work in response to consumer complaints is not more than 2 hours, non working time of the complaint response is not more than 12 hours.