Mobile network Guangzhou meeting ended successfully

In August 25th

2007, Guangzhou for the first time in the party webmaster network. The NASDAQ began, sponsored by Fu Tong, in the Tencent finance city network shares and other partners and support, Party activities are very active and lively, 18 PM party over the end of round in a jubilant applause.

        participate in the activities of the forum is familiar with the network or love active network forum webmaster friends network, attend staff network chief technology officer (CTO) Song Haibo, director of operations network (COO) network Li Rui, chief architect He Jian Feng (many city prodigal) network, marketing department and other staff. In addition, Zhang Yun, senior manager of Tencent money paid through Zhang Kang, shares city network, also participated in the activities of the. The total number of more than and 50 people.


this figure is the active site, the webmaster interactive questions