Talking about common sense Why are registered users

      a few days without access to the Internet, news constantly.

      first a bad news.

      Zhang anyp gateway.

      the specific cause is unknown, but seems to be related to the attitude of the concerned parties. I haven’t used it’s blog, and I haven’t used it. None of my business, hang up. But I remind friends friendship, personal freedom of speech on the Internet is not a problem, but you have to build a platform for free speech, the problem is big. Of course, if you have cattle Bo network so cattle, there may be no problem.

      another good news.

      Alibaba was born again.

      the cubs called mom down retrogradation. Ethical issues don’t go deep into father mother, it is a social problem, we do not belong to the discussion of IT industry. Ali mother do advertising alliance, can be described as seamless grafting with Taobao. I understand that this is Taobao another play in "the plan ran aground after the felicitous wish of making money". Charges, or the hard truth.

      finally a bad news.

      QQ to sell condoms.

      in fact, the Tencent has just launched a website called "a true", the simple point that is mini blog.

      although it is cold fried rice twitter, with rice or the wind, but taking into account more than 400 million registered users QQ (the number 400 million is how calculated, please consult Ma Huateng) and no need to register the convenient (default QQ user registration), estimated Fanfou, Zuosa, jiwai the man who will not sleep well burning with impatience to eat.

      the top three messages hidden behind a common group: registered users.

      anyp network. As the announcement said: This is the cause of the registered users.

      Ali mother. If only Alibaba’s revenue pressures, but does not meet the needs of the registered users, Ali mother is afraid to open anyway.

       . QQ penetration is obvious to all, the number and quality of registered users determine the operation of the QQ ideas and success rate.