Jiang Likun traditional enterprise transformation of the nternet under the ten dead

released last week, the first half of the traditional enterprise transformation of the Internet’s top ten dead, a strong response, a lot of friends said very much looking forward to the second half, in which the rest of the five dead.

six, the old ideology, the mortality of

now many business owners complain that the environment is bad, the business is not good to do. I think there are other factors, such as the environment, but more is the internal factors, the popular saying that now the enterprise is sick, and the disease is in the mind. So the transformation of the Internet first to turn ideas, thinking unchanged, sooner or later died. Give everyone a word: old ideas and new models can not solve new problems!".

many companies think they have built a network platform, do network promotion is called transition, keep pace with the times, this is completely mistaken: open a shop to build a network platform, do not call the transformation, because the nature of the enterprise hasn’t changed. A lot of companies to open a factory or open a shop online, and then pull the business through advertising, sales business operators. The line is not easy to do business, to the Internet to build a platform, through the network advertising business, pull sales network to run the business, think of nature changed? Where changed? In fact many enterprises use the Internet as a new marketing channel, this is typical of the new model and old ideas. A lot of people in charge of Internet called the third industrial revolution, why is it called revolution? Because of the emergence of new technology such as Internet, change people’s habits, covering many industries, some industries will be eliminated, it is called a revolution. So really want to change, not the problem of changing channels, is the problem of thinking. It can be said that the transformation of the Internet is to make the revolution, and first of all to leather their lives.

seven, internal disunity, consume dead

for some large companies, there is a fatal problem, on the road in the transformation of the Internet is the internal friction, internal friction loss of the dead. For example, Jiang Likun had helped a large company of Internet transformation, in this transformation process, the manager is very concerned about the high degree of attention, his idea is to succeed; and it is responsible for a department manager, the manager is also very seriously, but his mind is not an accident, otherwise the position was not guaranteed, talk about results on this basis, so in the specific planning, planning and budget approval, are very cautious and conservative, the first elected in a branch of the pilot; a manager is responsible for implementing and coordinating the matter, the manager is very want to work, but because of superior stability, so restricted his enthusiasm, and the pilot branch looks like it is not so easy to coordinate; the pilot branch is responsible for the attitude is very positive, it directly to the left branch of the director branch And the director of the division to the supervisor, to the competent level, very depressed, because he did not want to take this thing, but there is no way. In the specific operation process, a small work will be delayed for a long time, because we all know that this is a hot potato, do not want to take responsibility, so you push me I push you, the transformation is not very smooth.

eight, the employer is not appropriate, mistakenly killed