Stationmaster net broadcast WeChat beta original pictures of protection MMM scam Chinese looted

Abstract: it is the end of the year, this is not, fresh electricity supplier death list, financing scam and other inventory followed. Favorable network CEO Liu Yannan recently had a hard time, because of insider trading, the U.S. Securities and Futures Commission fined $920 thousand. Xiao Bian would like to say that money is not easy, and make and cherish! Finally tell you what the original pictures, WeChat beta protection function, you like pirates pay attention to myself.


1 beta original pictures of protection, thousands of public complaints of infringement of

recently, WeChat has been the number of public operators reflect their complaints with a number of certified public companies, complaints are "cartoon infringement". This does not seem to hear the charges is a bit of a person can not touch the mind. Even individual operators said that he did not know there are "cartoon infringement" said.

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This company

is what position?

according to the complaint information, these complaints of infringement, from a company called "Beijing Kikunami network science and technology limited company" business. Business registration information query results show that the company does have a copyright, "one family to coax cattle series of cartoon characters, the creation date of August 20, 2013.

2 favorable network before the CEO Liu goose involved in insider trading was fined $920 thousand

Beijing time on the evening of 29, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced on Monday that two Chinese citizens agreed to pay $920 thousand to settle U.S. authorities for alleged insider trading charges, one of them is China P2P platform enabling network ( before CEO Liu Yannan.

SEC last month to Manhattan federal court indictment, accused Liu Yannan and his cousin, Zhou Zhichen (former network enabling network Zhou, Zhichen) suspected of involvement in the international MedAssets company insider trading and stock Chindex. The two companies were subsequently acquired by private equity Holdings Company, one of which is the acquisition of Liu Yannan worked TPG investment group. At the request of SEC, the federal court in Manhattan has ordered the two people to freeze their assets in the United states.

3 "MMM scam" looted China, tens of millions of private assets were cleared  


compared with E group, rent treasure greatly checked too, "MMM financial assistance platform" the crash seemed very calm, in addition to the participation of investors in MMM, is almost No one shows any interest in the state. Song network through the in-depth investigation of the "MMM", the reduction in the domestic rise to collapse came from a secret path, perhaps can let everyone have a more clear understanding.

by the temptation of high interest rates, the reputation of hidden fortune

"MMM" > 1989 from Moss