Stationmaster net daily broadcast High German Ali purchased a large number of Trojan camouflage Dong

1 Alibaba in the acquisition of high moral map to build leveraging O2O 

Alibaba group (hereinafter referred to as Alibaba) shares a high German just 9 months after the new action. Alibaba announced last night will be $1 billion 100 million cash acquisition of High German company 72% shares, once the transaction is completed, will become the High German Alibaba, a wholly owned subsidiary of the group, which is expected to become the first Internet industry this year blockbuster deal.

these transactions marks the Chinese Internet BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) three giants have all personally into the map area. Previously, Alibaba group in May 2013 to $294 million strategic investment in high german.

2 a large number of Trojan virus disguised as "Dongguan dance video online crazy pass"  

the two day, CCTV "news broadcast" exposed the Dongguan porn industry chain, a Dongguan fire, related video and picture information stampede in. Only in the past 24 hours, with the Dongguan keyword Trojan porn site intercept soared by more than 11.6%, compared to the usual more than nearly 100 thousand times. A large number of named "Dongguan dance video", "Dongguan sauna video" Trojan and adware and other malicious software appear. Security experts recommend users to download such resources carefully, so as not to cause loss of property caused by computer poisoning.

3 balance treasure push universal insurance can protect 2.5% yields slow loaning pressure  

In the face of

CAITONG and WeChat red balance treasure finally himself stride forward singing militant songs, strike again.

February 8th, Alipay announced that it will launch a "Yu Ebao users exclusive rights" of financial products on the Lantern Festival, and open the reservation page. According to the information display, this product is expected to yield 7%, Alipay also announced the realization of "capital preservation guarantee".

reporter from Alipay insiders confirmed that the product docking background is provided by the Pearl River Life Insurance Limited by Share Ltd a universal insurance products, for a period of one year. The source further revealed that this universal insurance is the Pearl River life for the balance of treasure new custom, currently on the official website of the insurance company can not query. In addition, the person also pointed out that the specific product details have not yet been finalized, will be confirmed this month, 12 or 13, the final version, can only say that the final product must be able to achieve the contents of the reservation page".

4 to three or four line city streets type promotion? Internet Co who wake up


wave of mobile Internet with the Spring Festival train to the three or four line of the city and suburban village near. The Spring Festival is not only to the China migration of the world’s largest range brings, also brought countless information during the transfer, the transfer has been eliminated, the line between the city and the rural city of information and culture.