Xuzhou second internet conference successfully concluded

Xuzhou Internet webmaster General Assembly ended, an afternoon time short, brought together more than 500 Xuzhou and near the station, there are many counties and cities in Xuzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Henan, Shandong station stationmaster rushed over, the popularity of the popular Internet Environment Optimization in Xuzhou. Grassroots webmaster increasingly strong atmosphere. Under the preparation of the Xuzhou Internet association and the webmaster network, the general assembly has ended.


hall full of people, people can only go to the two floor, upstairs downstairs, the world


young webmaster, grassroots world, the future vitality of the Internet


either mm or GG, are brave to speak, this is the atmosphere of Xuzhou


onstage, easily interactive


can not focus on the film, in the absorption of the old webmaster experience.


hotel lobby, on the left is sign in


this is the attendance, the number of participants is more than we expected 500 people, it is surprising to us oh


conference began immediately, before the opening of the passionate music is the song of our webmaster


today is really big eyes to see, the first time I saw so many webmaster oh


saw the two floor, a floor meeting room are All seats are occupied.


did not go to the scene of the webmaster is really a pity, the two hosts of the humorous presided over the conference is also a bright spot, oh


here are a lot of expert: Oh, mom, energy-saving, new network and so on, here is not to enumerate


this person if you don’t know, then you don’t do webmaster. Ha-ha。 Figure Wang eldest brother, in this revealed, formerly known as (Zhang Zhengjun)


I’m sorry, but I don’t know what to say