Taobao certified new regulations accused of injuring innocent cited many sellers dissatisfied


over the past two years, Taobao shop applications began to become more stringent. (TechWeb with


in October last year after being besieged by small sellers, Taobao once again because of the new deal caused the dissatisfaction of the seller within the platform. yesterday, the latest announcement shows, a certification system fully upgraded, before June 30th, all new open shop and users have to complete authentication and filing. If you can not fill in the necessary information in a timely manner, Taobao will store the goods in the shop or store shield. In the industry view, although the original intention to upgrade the certification system, but Taobao may once again hurt innocent.

shop certification system upgrade

according to Taobao’s latest announcement yesterday, Taobao member shop certification system will be certified on the basis of existing upgrades and store annual audit. On (except Tmall mall users) shop sellers, in the submission of "information" identity card of Taobao at the same time, the original alignment must upload my photo and ID card and my upper body, a total of two photos. If the seller can not be certified in a timely manner, Taobao will store the goods in the shop or store the shield.

reporter saw in a seller’s Taobao account, Taobao provides a big picture template: a woman holding an identity card in front of the camera as a photo, and then face the camera alone.

according to the reporter, although the overall upgrade announcement at the beginning of the year has introduced Taobao shop certification system, but many sellers did not care, until recently the seller interface appears at the end of February Taobao certification will not affect search rankings; immediately do authentication, "identity." the seller "that was many sellers pay attention to.

it is worth noting that a few days ago, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission and other eight ministries jointly issued the "notice" the relevant work on promoting the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce clearly said it will raise the access threshold, standardize the identification and trading standards etc..

cited many sellers dissatisfied with

although issued certification rules just stepped on policy points, but the introduction of new regulations made many sellers miserable. This is also the last year after being besieged by small sellers, Taobao once again sparked controversy because of the new deal.

according to a source close to Taobao, at present, there are a large number of Taobao use of other people’s identity card shop sellers, including many of the high reputation of many years of business operators. Once the identity can not be completed, the operation of these stores will be affected. In Taobao, a seller of sporting goods, said the emergence of such problems are mostly in the shop Taobao 3-5 shop.

, according to him, due to the original venture eBay is still, compared with Taobao, its American approval process is very strict, which makes many sellers in the two selected Taobao. In the past two years, Taobao has set up shop application