Nora CEO Wang Xin was arrested in making quick money in a lost lamb

[Abstract] Wang Xin also had a moment of view, the board of directors of the board was Nora Zhou Hongyi, as well as Zeng Li qing.

fast CEO Wang Xin

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 15th

fled abroad 110 days after Nora Wang Xin, general manager of the company’s fate and finally know. Wang Xin has recently been exposed through international judicial cooperation channels transferred from the relevant national police China. Analysts said Wang Xin may face years of prison disaster".

according to Xinhua News Agency reported that in April of this year, according to reports, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Department of Nora online dissemination of pornographic information on a case investigation, the main suspect Wang Xin has fled. The public security departments of criminal compulsory measures of arrest suspect Wang Xin, the implementation of online pursuit, and through Interpol issued a red warrant, eventually intercepted by the countries concerned, the public security department and was escorted home.

sensitive to the news industry have felt the seriousness of the incident Wang Xin. Xinhua News Agency pointed out in the article, Wang Xinming know Nora system has a large number of pornographic videos, but let it spread, rather than accusing Nora piracy. Analysts pointed out that, in accordance with the dissemination of pornographic work to sentence, rather than the prosecution of piracy charges, Wang Xin faced a grave prison lot.

According to the

law Chinese 363rd [production, copying, publishing, selling or spreading pornographic materials; for others to provide the crime of obscene publication ISBN] for the purpose of making profits, production, reproduction, publication, trafficking, dissemination of pornographic materials, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control, and impose a fine; plot serious, more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of ten years and shall also be fined; if the circumstances are especially serious, less than ten years of fixed-term imprisonment or life imprisonment, a fine or confiscation of property.


insiders pointed out that in the current China stress in times of heavy penalties under the condition of Wang Xin has been characterized as absconding was arrested, only this crime may be sentenced to 10 years at least, it can be said that this is Wang Xin’s "crime".

as a once known to every family of products in the domestic founder, Wang Xin once, chairman of both the introduction of 360 Zhou Hongyi Nora board (micro-blog), also introduced allcomm investment founder Ceng Liqing, this is all leading figures in the industry today.

Wang Xin in Zhou Hongyi, Zeng Liqing these chiefs’ are also capable, Nora this product can quickly rise, showing its P2P technology is cattle, but Nora all this is "Xiao He also defeated Xiao He", which are caused by P2P technology.

is the technology to make Nora barbaric growth over the past few years, but also in the increasingly stringent requirements of genuine today, directly into the countdown to life. Nora can also have the opportunity to timely transition, but indulge in the past can not extricate themselves to make quick money.

as early as November 2013, dozens of legitimate video sites and copyright party launched the China Network >