From Ye Peng to Li Yinan Baidu’s do one thing under cover of another

don’t tube Baidu and Taobao in the field of C2C war of words. Refined and cultured Robin Li absolutely like Sima Yi with the wily, I believe he also knows, even if Baidu on the C2C 120% investment efforts, they still cannot dissolve Ali Empire and Taobao in the field of electronic commerce huge iceberg. Taobao ‘is but an expression of hatred, for a mature Internet companies, Baidu on the Internet Watch door palm key man, greedy and rich expression, such as Baidu can not let people hated?

will leave half a year ago how seriously told Baidu search users to learn how to use the Internet to HI HI, the Tencent even sneer without a sound, seasoned Ma Huateng know, netizen passion comes to go, HI HI today, tonight, tomorrow continue after HI. The night of passion, we have to go home to take care of his pet penguin, it is busy getting married, then how many people can stay on HI?

so, not superstition confused slobber war in the newspaper, it was just a slobber war.

thousands of years ago our ancestors had "mingxiuzhandao, do one thing under cover of another" feat, all in the "Qing Yu An" on the desk of China text, think "Baidu way" Robin Li can not understand this truth? So, let slobber come more fiercely, he just laughed it off.

Robin Li is a technical genius, Li Yinan is not it? Perhaps the two sides seem "different", but read the old law, we can, there will always be a genius among the same dream of the country? It depends on who knows? Genius is easy to "Freemasonry".

in addition to search engines, the Internet will let us have this dream? Im? Rotten bones in the graveyard! E-commerce? Ass in a lion’s skin! SNS network? Network video? Not in name…… Perhaps this is the occasion, only the wireless network is still worthy of the real player development. Look at Google and apple in the United States, the Chinese have a hundreds of millions of mobile phone users, 3G market chaos, no one can really dominate, how will our future?

when Ma was also immersed in their own e-commerce Empire and the mouth water, gentle Robin Li is probably sneer. The Internet on the three acres of land, in addition to scold me and you can rely on me? Rather do Zito, do! Strike, strike, I do not compete with you for the bones of e-commerce, in front of me, 3G? This is a wonderful pie.

from Ye Peng to Li Yinan, do you have seen, the refined Robin Li Baidu has started the Internet era, "do one thing under cover of another".