Ctrip was hacked through the road ‘m sorry please bypass the elong

CTRIP Website screenshot

A5 (admin5.com/) 5.28, stationmaster net news, today, seemingly can not calm in smooth water, ctrip. Ctrip today paralyzed, officials said the attack was unknown, it can be imagined, Ctrip was a hacker patronize.

small make up Ctrip, the top of the tip of the home page, Ctrip temporarily unable to provide services, is an emergency repair… You can visit: eLong Travel network. Well, carry Cheng Road, please detour elong, Ctrip has recently entered the art dragon, would be a big help.

extended reading: Ctrip was hacked server denial of data was deleted Ctrip Ctrip? The physical database is deleted and cannot be used properly Ctrip encounters an unknown attack paralyzed the network "missing data" first is where, after elong, Ctrip began to play hardball Ctrip hotel physical database permissions to delete?