Multinational companies have to enter the venture capital industry the internet no longer gamble


MMV general manager · hasur; Zanzibar (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology news (Xiao E) Beijing September 4th news, according to foreign media reports, New York, London and Hongkong are the largest multinational companies. Now Silicon Valley has become a big company.

from the centre of San Francisco to Palo Artaud, American Express and Ford and other companies are opening branches and to the local enterprises to invest heavily in new. This year, American Express in Palo Facebook old downtown Artaud headquarters set up a venture capital company. Less than 3 miles from the company, it is the General Motors research laboratory, which recently moved from Detroit, which employs some full-time investment professionals.

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American Express and other companies, venture capital department American Express venture capital managing partner Sanghi Kazakhstan Shure · (Harshul Sanghi) said: "the American Express Company is a company with 162 years of history, now is the moment of transformation of the company, we will be here to become a part of technological innovation."

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is floating in the venture capital industry, these companies have to enhance their image in the Silicon Valley. While top venture firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Accel Partners have grown, most venture firms are struggling with low returns.

in Facebook, Zynga and Groupon, the company’s share price fell sharply after the market of new ventures have become dim, because the 3 companies were once considered a leader under the leadership of a round of the Internet boom.

is different from the traditional venture capitalists, multinational companies are not interested in profit. They go in to buy innovative technology — or at least get to know the future of emerging technologies.

Starbucks in August this year to the San Francisco based mobile payment company Square invested $25 million, and its services in their coffee chain. Citigroup’s subsidiary of Citigroup investment this year to invest in gift cards online traders Plastic Jungle and credit card online scanning service provider Jumio.

Spanish bank of Bilbao of last year in San Francisco opened a branch. This has been a local start-up companies invested about $100 million of the company, is looking for consumer applications, new business development and help the bank to better understand customer needs.

Bilbao of San Francisco branch of Bank of Jie · (Jay Reinemann); Lehman said: "we are in a world of strict supervision and risk of the largest industry, so for us innovation is not innate. We want to