Time magazine rated the 50 best websites

after the first selection of the world’s best website in 2007, the United States, "time" magazine every year for readers to collect 50 excellent sites. This year’s top 50 websites unlike previous years divided into arts and leisure, audio and video, news and information, social network, network services and other 5 categories, but the main function of most web sites still cannot do without the 5 "main melody". In addition, some science education websites and both practical and creative sites become a major highlight of this year’s list. We will introduce 10 new and interesting for our readers, enrich people’s Internet life.

big picture of social network

is a strong return

pictures social networking site Flickr ranked first.

over the past two years, "the times" 50 "best website" list is not difficult to find, like Google, Facebook (Google) (Facebook), Wikipedia (Wikipedia) of the earth people know the well-known sites never appear in this list. However, this year, the world’s leading image sharing site Flickr is ranked first in the top 50 best site. In addition, the telephone network website Skype, search engine Google, the video sharing site YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, founder of e-commerce social network Facebook and other people for having heard it many times big site have the list. "Time" magazine for these "big" flatter, but with spicy evaluation make people aware of their little-known side.

Flickr offers free and paid digital photo online storage services, but also an online community, was acquired in 2005 by YAHOO. "Times" that the computer can only understand the "0" and "the logic of the", can not identify the visual image of the visual description, and therefore can not deal with the text and numbers as the image classification for the 1. Flickr is the first site to solve this problem, it uses the label (Tags) to classify images, users can quickly search for the desired photos. When people put a similar picture to the same label, a classification will naturally form. It is reported that the Flickr image classification is so popular, even the United States began to use its Library of Congress classification of the preparation of the picture directory. Another reason for the popularity of Flickr is that it has an innovative network of social features, users can share with friends on the site to discuss a certain type of photo.

science and education website into a bright tool site is very practical

this year’s "best site" on the list of a number of science and education related websites, become a major bright spot. Academic Earth is a university course video sharing site, following the MIT to become the first person to eat crab, Harvard, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale and Standford and other Ivy League universities have their own teaching, teaching notes and other video file sharing to this website. Time has made it a "education" to break the ivory tower