Microsoft Windows8 product release domain name into focus

renamed China ( September 15th news, foreign media news, Microsoft yesterday in Anaheim in California in the United States at the Microsoft developer conference, the Microsoft Corp unveiled a loading test version of Windows 8 operating system’s new tablet computer, the Windows series of domain names has become the focus of attention nowadays. domain name registered in 2008, 3 years at the registration time, suffixes for the domain name has been registered, all lovers holding, the other to understand, Windows series of domain name to be registered, such as, and etc..

map: domain name information


for the domain name is protection, in 2009 when he bought a Windows series of domain name, user access to the domain name has been parsed into widnows7 Chinese website, the domain name was the original owner has revealed that the purchase price of 50 thousand yuan (currency unknown), Microsoft Chinese has not confirmed this statement, netizens speculated that the domain name there may be $50 thousand, about about three hundred thousand yuan.

today, Microsoft Corp has been successful with, and almost all other windows7 related domain name, domain name acquisition in view of case, domain name will be Microsoft bought again? It is to be sure but can make nothing of it, Windows 8 product launches related value-added domain.