Grassroots large departure for micro blog content ecology is a good thing

a lot of content homogeneity, copying micro-blog, blunt forward advertising grassroots large, and in fact the webmaster circles put some advertising alliance stations, acquisition station is not what two things, their departure for micro-blog ecological content is a good thing

Qianjiang Evening News reporter Pan Yuefei wrote: the story of the dark history of micro-blog Sina micro-blog how to use grassroots large rise; and in the calendar through all kinds of false prosperity; due to the decline in micro-blog’s activity began to play down the grassroots large. Some give up, some transfer to the electricity supplier, and some to WeChat transfer. The conclusion is that although micro-blog can not afford to die; but the future prospects can be, will become mediocre.

this article has aroused considerable controversy. All the time, countless people shouting in micro-blog activity declined. The main point of view there are two points, the first is around the brush micro-blog less and less, a lot of strong social behavior related to WeChat. Second is a lot of people feel their fans on their own content forwarding enthusiasm down; feel activity reduced.

these two views are right, but may not be able to come to the results of the decline in micro-blog activity. The first point of view that people around the brush micro-blog less and less. We seem to have this feeling, but from the Alexa data point of view, micro-blog’s PC traffic has just reached a new peak. There are few flow changes like my long-term tracking of micro-blog: micro-blog reached a peak in the car after the incident, due to delete, flow continued downturn in nearly a year; the Olympic Games rose slightly, after the fall; but since October 2012, micro-blog began to flow but continued steady rise. Currently micro-blog traffic is a record high. (please refer to the Alexa data). PC are slowly growing, micro-blog mobile terminal users will certainly be more doubled. This means that, perhaps a lot of people around us began to fatigue micro-blog, but micro-blog’s base is still expanding. Micro-blog official figures also confirmed this point: the first minutes of 2013, Sina micro-blog sent up to the peak of 730 thousand per minute, significantly enhance the 51.6% Dragon Spring Festival peak.

micro-blog is actually a super large BBS; has many characteristics of the traditional BBS community; but also has the advantages of faster dissemination of information. Such a community, and not a strong relationship WeChat can replace. Even if the impact of the micro-blog skyline, still has a strong vitality and stable flow.

fans on the content of their own feelings about the decline in the enthusiasm, but also a good explanation. A fan of the original only concerned about 100 people; later on the attention of the people of the 1000; and the time to brush micro-blog every day is fixed; it is clear that each attention to the average, this attention has dropped significantly. This is why a lot of people feel that their fans are up, but the number is not up, but the reasons for the decline. It also can not draw the conclusion that micro-blog’s total activity is declining.

back to the root of this topic, we all know that there are two ways to play in China: one is >