The two dimension of D station by the hacker onslaught founder you have worked hard

August 10th news, recently, the circle is called "D" the two dimension barrage video network Di miles miles tick (dilidili) repeated attacks by hackers, the Qixi Festival didn’t stop until yesterday.


dilidili home page

from the founder of the BT dilidili can be understood in the attack, attack D station IP mainly from Shanghai and Guangzhou, but also in Shaoxing, Zhengzhou, Yancheng and other places, the main way for malicious scanning. There are users that these sites are poor".

hacker attacks in August 9th after the stop, dilidili founder said, playing for so long, finally know the money is not easy to do it?


dilidili founder BT advent



According to

billion state power network to understand, before the operator just to the city of Beijing, Haidian District people’s Court of Fuzhou city dilidili network media Limited fetters, sued for reasons of "Di Di miles miles network without permission, without providing ownership on Youku anime Gundam" to the public: the online predator olfen Adams "the play and download service, said the Haidian court has accepted the case.