Daily topic PPTV hand in hand to the domestic listing of Suning growth space into a test

station network (www.admin5.com) January 15th news, this month to 3, Su ningyun announced the acquisition of PPTV transactions have been filed by the relevant government departments Chinese. PPTV related parties have now completed the transfer of the relevant equity transfer procedures and the completion of the issuance of equity to its management.

PPTV to complete this from a foreign capital holding company into a domestic holding company, which also created the conditions for the listing of A shares. At the same time, the current domestic capital markets want to modify the provisions of the listing of high-tech enterprises news, but also for the PPTV shares listed in the A provides the imagination of the operation of the policy space.

"we have become a domestic holding company, fully in line with the conditions of domestic listing. This is also one of the reasons for the introduction of Suning and Hony capital." Tao Chuang said. It is worth noting that the current video industry, PPTV has been squeezed out of the camp, if you want to sprint A shares listed in 2014 PPTV Suning to the capital market to create a successful story is particularly important.

, however, PPTV’s future growth space may become the main obstacle to its sprint A shares listed. Recently released Enfodesk enfodesk data show that the third quarter of 2013, the new Iqiyi, excellent soil, Sohu in Chinese video network video market advertising revenue of the top three. PPTV Tencent video, music, after sixth, is a group of Companies in the second camp. In the IT industry, the first three principles in the context of the PPTV in the second camp, to be recognized by the capital market, need to do more efforts. Major shareholder Suning has become a trump card in the hands of PPTV, due to marriage with Suning, perhaps you can tell more stories".

as for Suning and PPTV cooperation logic, Tao Chuang explained that with the outbreak of the mobile Internet and home Internet, the Internet of traditional enterprises imminent. Tao Chuang seems, compared to the size of the user, PPTV 3 years after the establishment of research and development, currently the industry’s leading large data system PPBIP is Suning’s most valued resources. PPTV and Suning will be based on this set of large data systems, jointly establish a cross screen broadcast experience, while the video electricity supplier, the development of new revenue models.

according to data provided by PPTV, in 2013 the company has reached 120 million registered users, advertising revenue grew by more than 5 times over in 2012. As can be seen, in 2013 PPTV in terms of advertising to get a good growth. In 2014, PPTV will work together Suning, in order to open up more revenue sources and innovative business model for its A shares listed chips.

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