False rights complaint information network money delete minimum asking price 2000 yuan


  delete sites by anti cheat money;

  a complaint service quality information, promised to pay 3000 dollars to be deleted, but not in the specified time will be "public relations fees" sent to the designated account, "negative information" and can be restored on the web page…… Recently, Wuhan, a company called the newspaper, claiming to be one of the 315 rights network staff to call their company, saying someone complained on the Internet the company, if you want to delete the payment of $3000.

Rights Network released ten complaints

the day before yesterday morning, the reporter according to the reader with the website login rights network, "people rights complaints network" written website home page top left, below is the "latest complaint", click Find complaints including real estate, home appliances, communications and other industries, not lack of complaints from the many well-known brands.

Click on the top of the page "

reporters around the bar," complaint "immediately shows that more than 60 complaints, complaints included many companies across the country, a total of 1325, nearly eighty thousand of all rough statistics information.

afternoon, the reporter to be the identity of the courier company, trying to get in touch with the site, the other side of the phone has been shut down.

delete the lowest asking price 2000 yuan

yesterday morning, the reporter once again call the site to leave the phone number, the other told reporters a QQ number, said he would like to delete posts with this number.

reporter quickly and QQ nickname as fast delete posts / Lin contact, the other side bluntly said, we are a public relations firm, delete posts to collect agency fees, delete this post 2000 yuan." Reporters on the grounds that the cost is too high, the demand for cheap points, the other side directly hit is the cheapest, and that is the price, the line on cooperation, not even if the


after several rounds of negotiations, the other side can agree to delete the post payment. Then, given a "ICBC Fuzhou branch" account, the money will be scored this afternoon for the account, or otherwise restore. A minute later, the reporter once again log on to the site and found that the other side of the page has been deleted.

4:57 in the afternoon, "quickly delete / Lin" dialog box again flashing, "no money over, have the afternoon, the reporter quickly responded that the company’s financial hope cheaper, the other soon throw the word" integrity of life, come on, we soon after".

then, the reporter once again log on the designated complaint page, found that the page has been deleted in the morning, again, and the content has not changed.

yesterday afternoon, a reporter with the Fujian city of Fuzhou province and 12315 contact, the staff said the site of non official protection, and said the Department of industry and commerce website will never have to delete posts fees, the consumer complaints can directly dial the local business complaints hotline "