Confirm the legal status of network about cars private cars can be engaged in special operations ac

IT home this afternoon, the State Council Information Office held a press conference, the Ministry of communications, Ministry of public security, the State Quality Inspection Administration and other departments responsible persons will be introduced "on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of the guidance", "car rental reservation network management Interim Measures" of the relevant circumstances. The latest news shows that brewing two years of taxi reform and network about the new deal plan unveiled today. The most interesting is that the net about the legal status of the car was clear. After the network about cars legalization, to meet the conditions of the private car must be in accordance with the procedures for network about cars in car operation.

new deal also provides that the network about cars to encourage private bus ride. Implementation of the new deal in November 1st. It is understood that last year, the interim measures referred to the network intends to engage in the operation of the vehicle, the nature of its use should be registered as a taxi passenger. At present, China’s legal provisions, operating vehicles scrapped life of not more than 8 years, that is, the network is about to register for the taxi passenger car to comply with the standard.

experts believe that the purpose of the new regulations is to regulate the network about the car, to ensure the rights of passengers, travel safety, quality of service has been effectively protected. Secondly, the network about the legalization of the car, to provide a variety of choices for the people, to reduce the problem of a taxi, to provide better travel services. Furthermore, the standard development of the network about the car, is conducive to its long-term sustainable and healthy development. Finally, the network about the traditional development of the car and the traditional cruising taxi, contribute to the traditional parade taxi transformation and upgrading, to provide better service experience.