The road to change of Google Logo from homework to world class

tiger sniffing note: Google Logo today ushered in a new iteration, this article will take you back to the evolution of the history of Google Logo. Article content integration fineprintnyc and GIZMODO content.

today, Google announced its latest Logo, the overall color and sans-serif font choices are full of modern sense, but it also represents the company is entering a new era:


Google story begins in 1996. Looking back on that year, Google is only its founder Larry Page at Stanford University to do a research project called Back Rub. Although the project is simple but not mature, Larry · Paige also equipped with a Logo:

for it


but then, the project has made rapid progress. The project has been renamed to Google, a "googol" of a wrong spell, meaning 10 of the 100 party. Its name implies that Google has a strong processing capacity to deal with other search engines can not handle the amount of data. In 1997, Standford users ushered in the first Google renamed after Logo.



the story behind the design is still somewhat mysterious. Wikipedia and Google to intensive historical statement you will find that they are designers and the origin of the Logo did not mention. This leaves us with the idea that perhaps they don’t want anyone to remember that Google had such a look like a knockoff Logo. In addition, we can see from the Logo, their brand style has been initially formed: a rich color of the independent letter combinations.

in 1998, Google co-founder Sergey Brin with GIMP (Translator: image processing program) to do a new Logo, so the new Logo iteration was born. This version is very close to what we are now familiar with the Google Logo looks like.



1999, Logo has been upgraded again. The new Logo re sort the color of the letter, and at the same time followed by an exclamation point, seemingly inspired by the then YAHOO Logo.



from the point of view, Google’s success in its powerful and large number of competitors is simply not worth mentioning. But those who use Altavista, Hotbot, Mama>