Look at the text of the text to talk about the essence of the brand copy

if the hot spots are very sensitive, believe that a few years ago jumei.com "I am XX, I speak for himself" series will let you remember.

if the time is too long to forget, so a few months ago today’s headlines Subway Series poster copywriter – today XXX, see today’s headlines." And a few days ago, Haier’s popular comment Copywriting – "XXXXXX, however, I still can not afford to buy a house," the two hot copy must have seen or heard.


also appeared in such a series of similar sentences before the two hot spots. I believe the hot spots for so long, maybe you will not remember a lot of specific content, but you will remember that this is a few copy sentence.

because of work needs, often see a lot of official micro do micro-blog interaction. Therefore, it is also found that the most common form of cooperation, the most likely to be remembered and the most popular micro-blog linkage, that is, a number of official micro released the same sentence with the poster, neat and regular. Fixed sentence with a series of marketing tools, it is easy to create a hot spot.

today, however, do not want to talk about how to create a hot spot, but the script. Read a lot of classic copywriting, has copied some copy by heart, weekdays write a copy, when thinking is exhausted, thinking of some classic copy of the sentence, and occasionally write one or two words catchy copywriting.


a sentence must be in accordance with certain scale of organization, this model has become the sentence, such as judgment sentences, passive sentences, sentence and sentence alignment commands and so on. The modern Chinese sentence is very rich, common patterns are: long and short sentences, active and passive sentences, positive and negative sentences, declarative sentences and rhetorical questions etc..

do not know that one, do you understand the sentence structure is what? If you do not understand, then we first feel through a few examples:

we do not produce water, we just nature porters; Nongfushangquan –

we do not produce gossip, we just entertainment — porter; love gossip grow Association

all the inward world, are talking about the wrong object. – Unfamiliar Street

all are met, after being apart a long time. – network hot sentence

what’s so natural, but we insist every day. – keep

is not my only appearance did not keep up with the soul of an old head on young shoulders. – PPTV cohesion

the most warm light, must be on your way home. Vanke

and then the precious tree, nor the memory of that one. Vanke

again small strength, is also a kind of persistence. – "

" for public service ads "water saving"