The choice of SEM keyword in small and medium sized enterprises

in the small and medium-sized enterprise marketing practice, deeply felt that the search engine keyword marketing in the role, is not good, not only a waste of money, but also lost the chance to lose certain customers, therefore, I summed up the following points, let everybody have the reference.


keyword is only refers to the user to search for products or information when the use of specific words, these words can be directly to the enterprise site. Selecting keywords is a careful planning and consideration process. If you choose the wrong keywords, may bring a lot of visitors to the company’s site does not have a real customer, and these visitors have caused a lot of browsing fees, the high cost of the enterprise. What kind of keywords issued by the enterprise is directly related to the company wants the user to find their own words. Also requires companies to clear their position, and a clear consumer input habits.

positioning is relative to the position of the product in the minds of consumers to determine the product. Positioning strategy is the key to the formation of a particular brand in the minds of consumers. It will be coordinated by specifying a coordination strategy, including a combination of market factors. Enterprises to decide what kind of keywords, you need to understand their product positioning and product content.

companies can be based on many aspects of positioning:

(1) attributes: products and attributes, product characteristics or customer interests.

(2) price and quality: this position may emphasize the high price is a symbol of quality, but also may emphasize low price is the embodiment of value.

(3) applications and applications: emphasizing the use or application of the product positioning is an effective means of buyers.

Users of

(4): this location is based on the user’s personality or type.

(5) product categories: the goal here is to locate the product into a specific product category.

(6) competitors: positioning according to competitors is part of the positioning strategy. The above positioning method is often used in combination.

at the same time, enterprises should have a deep understanding of their customer base. They can analyze their basic situation, such as gender, age, marital status, work content and work area. And then analyze the value of the ideal business customers, such as their way of life, life attitude, etc.. This information is useful, they can help companies to determine what kind of customer base is expected, what kind of transactions should be, they will seek information from those angles. After understanding the situation, companies can better choose keywords to guide potential consumers, and can be more attractive to attract potential consumers to purchase advertising language. The values here also include business, education, health, entertainment and other business related to the transaction. In the understanding of their product positioning and consumers, in order to choose the right keywords so that the potential needs of users to find themselves, and to buy.