What is an international domain name

a, what is the international domain name?

      domain name is connected on the Internet computer easy to name, equivalent to the so-called IP address on the internet. The domain name is usually used in the Internet search information and to contact each other. Here are some examples of the domain name you may already be familiar with: yahoo.com (Yahoo Corp) AOL.com (On-Line Company)

What is the difference between

two, international domain name and domain name?

      international domain name is the user can register the generic top-level domain name. Its suffix is.Com,.Net or.Org. Domestic domain name is different from the Chinese domain name, the domain name is also known as the CN domain name, is the domain name suffix.Cn, which is lower than the international domain level. Two different registration agencies, in the use of basic no difference. Just now you can not register a domestic domain name. At the time of registration, if you apply for the domain name for.Gov.cn, also need to submit some material (application form and application domain unit organization code certificate), need to put the above materials mailed to us after the domain name to be successful.

three, the domestic domain name registration conditions?

      1) domain name registration applicant must be legally registered and can independently assume civil liability of the organization, individuals can not apply for the registration of domain names. The domain name registration application form of all types of contacts are on behalf of the organization to apply for the domain name registration matters. Domain name organizer is not to apply for the domain name registration as an individual, but on behalf of the organization.

      2) foreign enterprises or institutions in the CN domain name under the two domain name registration requirements?

      its main domain name server is located in china.

What is the difference between

four, domain name owner and domain name management contact?

      domain name owner and domain name management contact are different concepts. The first Registrant of the domain name WHOIS search results provided by any level of registrar is the domain name registrant, the domain name owner. The second is the domain name management contact, followed by domain name technology and pay contact. Domain name registration in the registration of the time you can request these contacts are filled into their own, and leave their e-mail address. But for security reasons left hidden, as follows: the domain owner can contact or contact the domain management technology to apply for the domain name itself and in addition to all of the domain name registration information changes. What is a domain name registrar to judge whether a modification application is true or is it from the domain name owner? The criterion of judgment is whether the e-mail address of the request is linked to the domain name in the registration information