Should learn to leveraging the power of the webmaster website promotion

suggests that by leveraging the power of others to achieve their goals. Many small businesses with large enterprises in competition with the most is leveraging the power of fame. It is difficult for the promotion of the website personal webmaster, after all a person’s energy is limited and strong, is different from the individual team, team can play the 500% ability to achieve the goal, but individual owners can only make up to 60% has been pretty good. So, for the promotion of the website personal webmaster, should learn to leveraging the power of promotion. Today I will talk about how to leveraging the power of promotion:

first choice of leveraging the target. The choice of the target is very important, the general goal can not help to achieve their dreams, and in the choice of goals, it should be more choice of strong competitors. The reason can be compared with competitors, their products and other industries, if you choose the goal, then do better is vassal form of success. This success is more of the reputation of other people’s products, rather than their reputation. So, the first choice goal best in the colleague of his competitors, because by leveraging the competitor’s brand reputation, many can improve their position in the peer, the most classic is Mengniu milk, the first propaganda brand of milk, to admit that he is pleased with his opponent second, nature also reached a target. The so-called small can not bear the chaos.

The second method of leveraging

. Most of the time, even if they know the truth is leveraging can quickly improve their own brands, but for the wrong thing, only watched the opponent shine. So, leveraging the method is also very important, the use of borrows the promotion normally, so first let the opponent feel impossible, one can reduce the opponent’s defensive psychology, and can effectively carry out his plan. Just like Ford, a large number of competitors in the lower prices to suppress their own, just keep a low profile form, let the opponent feel nothing, it will relax their vigilance on their own, the natural time to play an opponent caught no hurry. The use of this method is leveraging, the beginning is often declared successful, by surprise is never outdated method.

Analysis of

finally leveraging effect. As the saying goes, do something beautiful if you do not sum up the analysis, it will soon be suppressed. The leveraging effect analysis, analysis of statistical data as a web site, can be produced by leveraging the effect of this method on the summary, not reliable, really can achieve their goals. Many webmasters are lack of interest in data analysis, data analysis is too boring, but also very carefully for fear of missing a key issue, so afraid of their own disappointment even data are to be analyzed, probably look at IP and PV on the line. Since the use of leveraging the method, so why not think about the effect, if the effect is not good, you do not transform leveraging the goal, that is not white? So, leveraging effect analysis is one of the steps will be leveraging the promotion.