Local portal operation analysis portal promotion

The development direction of

local portal is to build the local "civilian media", to provide local Internet information service for the local people.

in the county or prefecture level cities in the presence of the media in the form of television, newspapers, magazines (DM), as well as the new media – the internet.

with the development of society, the Internet will be the "civilian media" as an important form of local media.

Local television station

because the production level is limited and the political atmosphere, more and more difficult to attract local young people and social middle class; newspapers and other print media are lack of professional content production capacity, has become a purely "advertisement", its vitality and attraction is as can be imagined. But the Internet is different, it’s civilian status, so that local people can make their own voice, looking for information within the city, friends, business and other information. Its flexibility, interactivity and personalization are more likely to attract the participation of local citizens.

at the same time due to the low cost of computer hardware, computer has been widely into the family, the foundation for the development of the internet. China is already the world’s most populous country. 2010, the new network technology will begin to apply, when the speed of the network will increase 1000 times, the degree of application of the Internet will be higher. The new 11th Five-Year Chinese planning, the next 30 years for the rural reform is convenient, accelerate the integration of urban and rural areas, regional business will become a new bright spot in Chinese business development, so the development speed of rural counties near the city level will be accelerated, to accommodate a large number of rural people into the country, is the strategic plan of reform, various signs that the external environment will make the Regional Internet ushered in new opportunities for development.

if the local portal can seize the opportunity to become an important form of local media, it can be derived from a variety of forms of enterprises, businesses, individuals and other products, the vast market space.

in the early years of the development of the Internet in China, by the local telecommunications or government departments to build the information port, to improve people’s awareness of the Internet has played an important role. But with the wide application of the local information harbor management due to the subjective difference, interactive ability is not strong, slowly updating the information has gradually lost user attention; in this case, starting from the web hosting individuals or companies to rise, supply and demand, such as forums, friends, classified information and so on, they are so flexible, professional and fast characteristics of rapid development, and can quickly place with the combination of traditional industries, make certain effect, have a certain customer groups, has become the most active part of the local network market.

but there are two problems with this kind of website:

, poor profitability, who can rely on the enthusiasm of the webmaster continued to advance, but in the case of a small profit space (the local professional market profit space is limited), to provide continuous service, product upgrading, orderly operation, slowly will be the loss of customers, unless in the basis of popularity, for the diversification and expansion, "