Jingdong draw big brother against the rookie

staged brand, merchants and other resources for the post-war, Jingdong and Ali in the field of logistics is more effort. Yesterday, Jingdong official website formally launched. This means that the third party businesses and partners can use Jingdong’s own distribution system. More importantly, the official website of Jingdong express also put up a draw SF EXPRESS, four one up and other courier giant trend. By Ma Yun as chiefs to create a "rookie" in the network, the courier company is an important part of.

Beijing Daily reporter yesterday that the Jingdong express official website home page in addition to general express company website some outlets inquiries, freight and other information, also opened a Jingdong can directly log dragon port logistics system for the third party merchants and suppliers. In terms of information presentation, Jingdong express official website uses a map + text display, providing businesses with a range of distribution and network query services.

Jingdong express price is lower than before the industry is expected to be down: the first bid for 10-22 yuan, with EMS, SF EXPRESS has a certain advantage compared to, but higher than the four". Jingdong express relevant responsible person said, for large customers, there will be a certain degree of preference.

express the field of comprehensive opening is just the first step of the Jingdong, the Jingdong express according to insiders, the future Jingdong will partner to provide one-stop warehousing, distribution, customer service, customer service and other B2C logistics service, but also partners will provide online logistics required, help the third party logistics channel business integration Open – consumer goods storage, express delivery orders – customer service – Security link.

at the beginning of June Jingdong cloud platform Partner Conference, Jingdong that provide their own electricity supplier logistics is not limited to its own platform, if the seller of goods is in Taobao, Amazon Chinese Jingdong as well as sales, distribution, and will be treated equally, not giving priority to the import goods distribution.

in the industry view, Jingdong logistics platform for the opening of the expectations I’m afraid not just simple business services. Beijing Daily reporter noted that in the official website of the common Express query section, in addition to express Jingdong, SF EXPRESS, EMS, one of four links, and other mainstream ZJS express enterprises among them, but because the information has not been unable to query the docking, several courier companies in the Jingdong express order information. In this regard, the courier Jingdong responsible person responded that the Jingdong express is an information open platform, the future can be found in other businesses to use express logistics information, "the premise is to cooperate with the courier company Jingdong". The move was seen as the industry is the Jingdong is good, and tried to woo the express company, to build their own in the field of logistics partner team.

a few months ago, Ali, intime group joint SF EXPRESS, three links up to jointly announced that China intelligent logistics backbone network officially launched. Target in any region of the country up to the rookie Network Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established. In the above platform, responsible for the distribution of express enterprises >