2011 Hunan nternet webmaster conference live video

time: July 9th


location: Southern Pearl International Hotel Changsha

organizer: Admin5 webmaster network Baidu Internet Entrepreneur Club

Co organizer: Hunan


bynano stationmaster Alliance

A5 webmaster conference online studio address: http://s.admin5.com/zhibo


12:30-14:00 report live exchange

14:00-14:10 conference organizers address

14:10-14:20 Hunan webmaster alliance Secretary General Ceng Muyang keynote speech

Baidu Internet Club keynote speech 14:20-14:40

14:40-14:50 sweepstakes Baidu Internet Club offers exquisite gifts

14:50-15:10 our network president Shen Lingtao: entrepreneurial experience sharing

15:10-15:20 PHPWIND keynote speech

15:20-15:40 good bean network CTO Zhang Libing keynote speech

15:40-16:00 angel investor Fu Dekun keynote speech

16:00-16:40 roundtable discussion vertical website operation of "the participation of guests: HISHOP founder Yang Bin, Jiangxi automotive network Tan Bingsheng, real estate investment should wear CEO net open jump manager Wang Qing, director of Hunan information network technology Wu Yalin, Xiaoxiang mother to the founder of


16:50-17:30 roundtable discussion innovation website to participate in the general manager of the company CEO guest: Cool Pan Jun Tianya operations center in Hunan Huang Zhiguang, Xiangtan life network CEO Yan Jinbiao, editor of Zhangjiajie news online, Zhu Hao Zhuzhou general manager Liu Qinghui Chongqing slipped CEO Guo Ji Jun

17:30-17:40 draw

17:40-18:00 conference closing photo