365 Zhejiang talent network marketing preliminary plan

recently often see everyone in the search for talent website marketing methods, especially today, we will promote the 365 Zhejiang talent network drying sun, we want to help. At the same time, also hope you brother sister, uncle sister door, give us some advice, 365 Zhejiang talent net market promotion plan, 365 talent marketing website can be divided into two aspects.

one: online promotion.

as a talent network recruitment platform, we are engaged in the network business, so it is necessary for us to carry out online. Online publicity, we mainly take the following approach.

1: optimization of the program to improve the user experience, improve website fluency and user comfort.

2: through the formation of the SEO team, improve the ranking of the 365 Zhejiang talent search in the search. Because in China, so we mainly for Baidu optimization. According to statistics, the use of Baidu search personnel is about two times the use of Google personnel.

3: the formation of their own web site QQ group recruitment and recruitment qq. Through the QQ group and the customer contact directly, the understanding of the user’s view of the site, and then improve.

4: the formation of the site’s own forum, to provide you with a better job search experience.

5: 365 because Zhejiang talent website is a total station mode of the website, so we have one by one will be the site of the SEO. A SEO plan to see the next article.

6: cooperation with major universities in Zhejiang forum.

two: offline promotion

recruitment website is always inseparable from the enterprise and job seekers, so we must contact with the end user. To promote the end user. Offline promotion.

1: the production of enterprise VIP VIP card, in Zhejiang, the major recruitment site, presented directly to enterprise users. At the same time to the enterprise users recruitment to contact the person in charge (best can have small gifts).

2: in the recruitment site propaganda banners, if the site is not permitted, we can take living (clothing printed logo) propaganda way.

3: and the major university student union, the employment office, held a joint public recruitment, invited members of the site VIP.

summary: whether online or offline, the most important thing is to adhere to. I always think, not what the website promotion magic trick, only persistence! The station address: QQ:422842606

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