Jump start electricity supplier PO hutch will also Jingdong mall is one of two

listed in the huge shadow of Alibaba financing, Jingdong IPO smooth start.

May 13th, vice president of a Jingdong in a mall electricity supplier WeChat group said: some people think before Jingdong IPO offering price, I can only say that the price may be update (update), has over three times, just a day roadshow.

Jingdong before the update to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus, is expected to announce the issue price range of $16 to $18, according to this calculation, the Jingdong IPO to raise up to $1 billion 690 million. To $18, the total market capitalization of Jingdong will reach $22 billion 200 million. Prior to 6 years, Jingdong total financing $2 billion 230 million.

Alibaba due to the strong ability to absorb gold, Jingdong mall must grab before the listing of Alibaba. Alibaba is currently preparing to be listed in the United States in the second half, raising up to $20 billion. In January 30th this year, Jingdong submitted a prospectus to the SEC, start the process of listing in the United states.

can grab before the listing of Alibaba, Jingdong group is not so passive. Jingdong mall in May 12th launched a global investor roadshow, informed sources, as of 7 a.m. Hongkong time, only from the United States of America’s professional technology stocks fund to attract full subscription. Chinese investors, international long – term funds and sovereign wealth funds have also subscribed to Jingdong. As the vice president revealed the news: one day down, more than 3 times subscription.

Alibaba, Jingdong group also submitted to the United States to apply for the listing, attracting U.S. investment focus on China’s retail industry. China’s retail market more than 20 trillion yuan, is the second only to the United States outside the top second markets. This huge imagination and further attract investors to Jingdong, Alibaba’s attention.

Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong has stressed on different occasions: China’s retail industry and the United States compared to the retail industry has a huge difference, that is, the traditional retail. In the United States, WAL-MART, Target, bestbuy as the representative of the traditional retail industry is well developed, while Amazon and other online retailers occupy a certain market share, but the traditional retail industry also has a considerable market share, but not for a long time to change.

China is different, the traditional retail industry does not develop, relying on traditional retail logistics, payment, service, etc. are relatively backward and inefficient. In such an environment, Alibaba, Jingdong, much higher than the u.s.. Huge innovation space brings great imagination: the proportion of online retail in China will be much higher than the United states.

huge innovation space brings another effect is a huge innovation passion. To serve time, for example, China has begun to emphasize the day of service, or even a few days, but in the United States, delivery cycle needs to be measured in weeks.

Jingdong mall is to do a dish for americans. Liu Qiangdong continued to invest in the roadshow