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KitApps: "one-stop" mobile phone application DIY services


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mobile Internet era, for their own company to develop a mobile phone application is the desire of many business owners. No matter is the agenda of activities, or product introduction, a beautiful and practical application of Android or iOS enterprises will be considerably. But for many small companies, hiring third party developers to create an application is not a small expenditure, the subsequent dissemination and maintenance also need to spend a lot of energy. American start-up company KitApps seize the opportunity to launch a mobile application DIY services.

KitApps goal is to allow everyone to develop mobile applications. Even if you know nothing about programming, but also do not understand the complex process of Google Google Play and apple App Store audit process, you can also use KitApps template, within 30 minutes to develop a personalized mobile applications.

KitApps account registration is completely free. Click on the "new Create (a New App)" button, you can see a total of 5 steps: information and icons, labels and appearance, content, inspection, and the final upload. In the "information and icon" page, you need to fill in the application name and description, select a detailed category, upload icon and start the interface, which will affect the application of your application in the online store embodiment.

After the

is completed, click on the "next" to enter the second interface: tags and content. Here, you can choose to apply the appearance and font, and a variety of tags (that is, you want to achieve the function). Currently, tags can be used to include maps, news, schedules, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, Twitter and related information. Add, these tags will be displayed in the main interface of the application, you can achieve the relevant functions.

third interface requires the user to fill in the contents of each label. For example, if you add a "map" label, will need to fill out the location name, specific address, location type, color and other information. Other label requirements vary.

fourth interface is used to check the completion of the application. If the information is not complete, KitApps will be marked red, indicating the need for additional. Fifth interface for submission to the app store.

currently, KitApps provides only one application template, which means that users can only develop conferences and events such as the application of the schedule. The company also plans to provide housing rental, restaurants, schools and other types of news template. It charges $249 a year, but if the user does not need to upload to the app store, there is no need to pay the cost.