The third market won today Sequoia Capital njection of 70 million

news (Zhou Ran) in May 6th May 6th, Ganji officially disclosed, the third round of financing $70 million, the investor is today the capital and Sequoia capital. The financing of the funds will be mainly used for product development and marketing investment.

capital and Sequoia Capital today are the international investment funds in the Chinese market, strong capital, has invested in a number of Chinese enterprises. Sequoia Capital has invested PEAK, Sina, American Dairy farming, agriculture, Mcglaughlin, Qihoo, nearly 50 companies. Today the capital has invested in Jingdong mall, diamond bird, Kung Fu,, affordable herbal medicine, household textile enterprises, these enterprises are luxury goods, network video, food, cosmetics and textiles.

previously founder and CEO Yang Chung in an interview with DoNews said, Ganji has been completed in December 2010 a new round of financing, this is the third in January 2010 after NOKIA growth partners and bluerun nearly $20 million joint investment.

Yang Haoyong said earlier, at the end of 2011 to achieve market size, but no specific timetable for the listing arrangement. He believes that the current two level market and open market financing is similar to that of April there will be a new financing plan, but refused to disclose the details of the financing, only that investment is the first brand investment, financing scale as small market, but there is a new financing into the party.

Yang Haoyong also revealed that the market status of ESOP: joining the fair 2 to 3 employees will receive equity awards. He even optimistic estimates, the market after the listing made millionaires more than youku.

the afternoon of May 5th, there are rumors that Ganji has not announced a new round of financing is probably because nearly half of the year, wantonly advertising in the subway, bus, CCTV, has the financial money consumed most, "announced financing has little significance."

in the morning of May 6th, Yang Haoyong micro-blog message, "and see a rumor in building our money soon, such a large company, the budget would not so reliable? What was the last of four hundred million so-called advertising costs us nothing, but no matter who is insatiable, this warning, we must dare to lie"

will fight back!