Standing on the shoulders of giants UC subscription number ready to play

information explosion, based on user interests and interests of mobile content distribution has become a popular direction of mobile Internet reading.


browser and the hands of users, it is important to enter the entrance of mobile Internet, mobile content distribution market is First come, first served.

UC browser from the results of the UC headlines, indeed.

According to the

AI media consulting data show that distribution of active users in 2015, China Mobile information industry, the top three are: Tencent news, news headlines and NetEase UC; the number of articles in the daily reading and push the user favorability, UC headlines are ranked second.


with less than half a year on the top three, there should be applause.

recently, UC moves frequently, in May 10th, the Alibaba held a " mobile business group; UC subscription number " Strategy Conference, Ali mobile business group president Yu Yongfu pointed out that the UC subscription number is UC landing " empowerment media " the first step of the plan, UC will work to push the content provider to a content provider change. Standing on the shoulders of giants UC subscription number, ready to play?

[powerful content distribution mechanism]

using its own huge 6 billion day distribution of traffic, and open up the big data Ali resources, access system, Alipay, Gao De, Amoy micro-blog, Youku potatoes and other basic data, have more dimensions, precise recommendation, to help find their real readers from the media.

for non vertical class content, the conventional algorithm can meet the needs of distribution, and the vertical class content, the machine is not enough to determine the depth of the article, the need for artificial screening algorithm. The platform needs to have enough amount of active users, Taiwan need more valuable data support, and this is precisely the advantages of twelve years of accumulated UC.

[content shop]

Yu Yongfu pointed out that the UC subscription number is UC in " " content store; first step to create the UC for content creators have their own shops, " " content; and put their own shops as their long-term operating positions, so the content provider business value is not a one-time sale flow, can use the content shop settling their brand value.

[protect original, encourage original]

in the UC system if found plagiarism, will be banned or the whole network processing line, and will be the site of the original article on the protection of the diversion. UC will also provide green reporting channels for rapid response to violations, while the establishment of anti reporting mechanism for false malicious reporting restrictions. In addition, the third party will provide legal assistance, UC subscription number to provide assistance. Content protection system also access Ali intellectual property platform to provide fast brand protection services.