The virtual community into the social networking site how to connect with new products


Japan Ameba Pigg copy by domestic

recently, the domestic Internet seems to set off a virtual community fever. The first is the Sina 5 million price from Xiamen scholar network president Zhuang Liangji bought the domain name, founder of Mars micro community. Users can create a virtual image of their own personality through the Mars micro community, where everyone can dress up, decorate the room and make new friends. Relying on Sina micro-blog launched Mars micro community, can be said to rely on micro-blog’s user base and social relations, in the domestic virtual community is still in the initial stage of the first force to seize the market, establish a new social relationship, so as to make up for the current micro-blog good but the lack of profit model dilemma. The idea of the micro community of Mars from Japan’s Ameba Pigg. Ameba is a well-known Japanese blog and social networking site, its Ameba Pigg has a high popularity and user base, there are a lot of star artists stationed. The Pigg model is very similar to the micro model of the community or the interface is very similar to the Ameba, the domestic Internet has always been more than imitation, lack of innovation, copying the domestic success model is commonplace.

launched shortly before the launch of the micro community, the domestic Internet will soon set off a burst of virtual community wind. As the boss of the SNS happy network naturally do not lag behind. Virtual community is very similar to the form of social games, and happy network has several years of experience in the operation of social gaming components, in the virtual community will be a sina army. Although not as expensive as Sina acquisition of alternative domain name Bo eyeball. But the happy net had unleashed another killer – launched five minutes a game developed by "Lilliput". The development and operation of the five minutes and responsible, Japan CyberAgent producer and support, CyberAgent’s famous virtual space game Ameba Pigg, happy net playing under the banner of Lilliput is launched Ameba Pigg Chinese version, that has been officially authorized. Although the game is just happy network components, but the country seems to run in the form of virtual communities. Ameba Pigg Chinese version of the banner of the launch, no doubt attracted the attention of Internet users. Many netizens in later played Sina Mars micro community, have attracted to Lilliput Chinese version of Ameba intent to experience the charm of Pigg. Although Sina pioneered virtual community Ameba Pigg mode, but no doubt happy net Lilliput more by Internet users must be in the "right".

replication mode failed to successfully connect with content product


launched a micro community and happy net of Lilliput in Sina Mars, believe there will be other domestic well-known social networking sites launched similar application, however, copy the foreign successful mode is simple, there is no innovation can not be accepted local Internet users. From the current point of view, whether it is a small community of Mars or happy Sims