The nternet map rectification time comes to be informed of the website of innocence

National Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information after Stern said that after July 1st the public has yet to apply for Internet map service mapping qualification, continue to engage in Internet map service website, will be punished according to law.

just before July 1st, the national mapping geographic information bureau website and public exposure of the second batch of 19 without qualification in Internet map service website at the end of May, they announced the first batch of. Reporters learned that the last list of sites such as the street did not continue to enter the new list, they have to be qualified for a long time, and the new site was exposed to different reactions.

website was informed of innocence

in the new site was exposed in 19, the travel network ranked among them, the reporter found a significant position in this sentence shows that the map service is under maintenance, please visit the site of other content, thank you". Zappos judges GyPSii, belongs to the domain of public response "territory" operations have stopped a few months ago, and the establishment of a joint venture with sina, the new version of "territory" and "pin" service related work has been in preparation for qualification.

other sites are still involved in the provision of map services, and different attitudes. Luxury network is still providing a map search mansion, the reporter called the site when a staff member is not on the grounds refused to be interviewed.

ranked list of Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. unlimited Qing news relevant person in charge of Mr. Di is very unhappy, one had come to hear the reporter said: "I have given them (the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping) a call to reflect the situation, as I understand we are not required to apply for qualification." Mr. Di said that their company is engaged in providing for freight car GPS positioning function, in order to understand the situation of the vehicle’s freight company immediately: "we just borrow map system, but never make any change on the map, as we understand only Baidu and Gao De need to apply for qualification, and we are their customers."

when the reporter said, positioning services other borrow map system website also need to apply for a class B qualification, Mr. Di said in his communication bureau of Surveying and mapping, the other did not mention this, but responded that "to know more about your company’s function."

"if the Bureau of Surveying and mapping response we need to apply for qualification, of course, will be required to apply, has never been contacted us about related matters just before, so will the company name in the list of exposure to us caused trouble." Mr. di said.

Google triggered shuffle guess

street network is the first to be exposed without qualification website, the person in charge of public relations, Miss Lu said, the street has already carried out qualification application, and is expected to catch up with the July 1st deadline, but it is also the side not to obtain a license.

Miss Lu said, according to the relevant provisions of the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping information, the company has not yet received a map of the Internet license, as long as it has been submitted