Minister Pinzón Issues Call for Joint and Coordinated Work in the Fight against Crime

first_imgBy Dialogo February 21, 2012 At the opening of a preparatory meeting in advance of the meeting of defense, interior, and justice ministers of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) that will be held in Cartagena in May of this year, Colombian Minister of National Defense Juan Carlos Pinzón called for work on making joint decisions in order to confront transnational crime. In his address, Minister Pinzón indicated that the assembly of Unasur ministers is the appropriate place for discussion, where the countries that make up the group can take action in common to confront problems such as transnational crime. “It’s appropriate to make joint decisions, because it’s necessary to identify our shared problems, and on that basis, try to establish joint agendas and work plans that can enable us to better confront the challenges our peoples face in the area of security and the fight against crime,” he affirmed. In the same way, he affirmed that the Unasur nations must find practical routes that can enable them to confront transnational crime. “Confronting the worldwide problem of drugs, the trafficking of arms and explosives, human trafficking, the trafficking of migrants, the corruption generated by these illicit activities, money laundering, kidnapping, cybercrime, and criminal gangs, as well as rejecting the presence of irregular armed groups in our countries” were the crimes noted by Minister Pinzón that should be taken into account at the upcoming May meeting. He also noted that “transnational crime does not respect borders, but instead takes advantage of the constitution of each of our nations, of the rule of law, in order to camouflage itself among the citizens in order to try to engage in social control, to try to mobilize its own interests; this is why it’s so important that as representatives of states, of brother states, we work jointly and in coordination in order to prevent crimes of this kind from prospering in the region.” Finally, the minister noted that what Colombia is offering to the 12 Latin American countries that make up Unasur at this meeting is the country’s experience in the fight against drug trafficking, terrorism, and criminal gangs. “We’re ready to offer this experience, this history,” the minister specified.last_img