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station network (www.admin5.com) March 28th news, Qihoo 360 sued Tencent in case of abuse of market dominance in Guangdong Province Higher People’s court ruled against the Qihoo 360, and was sentenced to bear all the litigation costs 796 thousand. Antitrust case in the field of Internet first came to an end. Tencent and 360 of the dispute has triggered a national Internet users concerned, known as the 3Q war". In September 2010, the Qihoo launched 360 "privacy protection" is a violation of user privacy monitoring Tencent qq. November 2010, Tencent issued an open letter to QQ users, asking users to choose between two QQ software and only one of the 360 software, which led to the contradiction between the two companies open.

core is the Internet industry market definition

the "3Q war" is a field by 360 against the Tencent launched the "privacy protection" and "bodyguards" caused by disputes, 360 Tencent that this unfair competition, so in November 3, 2010, Tencent suddenly issued a letter to the majority of QQ users, decided to stop running QQ software with 360 the software on the computer. Lead to "3Q war" to the development of white hot degree. Under the intervention of the Ministry of industry, the 360 companies recalled the "buckle buckle bodyguard" software, Tencent Inc also restored the webQQ login, QQ and 360 to restore compatibility.

But then

, Tencent in the Guangdong High Court sued the Qihoo 360 of unfair competition. The Qihoo 360 sued the Tencent of abuse of dominant market position. 360 of the $150 million and Tencent mutual claims of $125 million, has also become China’s largest Internet companies involved in the history of litigation between the two companies.

last April 18th, the first hearing in the high court of Guangdong province Qihoo 360 sued the Tencent of abuse of market dominance litigation. Qihoo 360 requested the court to order the Tencent Inc to immediately stop the abuse of market position, the user may not stop the implementation of QQ software and the plaintiff transaction and tied tying behavior. Qihoo 360 said the Tencent in the "3Q war" during the abuse of instant messaging tools QQ 360 software market dominance, forced users to uninstall installed, is a monopoly.

therefore, Qihoo 360 150 million yuan to the Tencent claims, and a public apology. Tencent requested the court dismissed all claims 360. Yesterday, a lawyer believes that the core of the case, I am afraid that does not lie in the determination of abuse and determine the damage, but the definition of the Internet industry related markets.

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abuse of dominant position in the market is a monopoly, the premise is not only the dominant position of the market, but also to abuse, charges to be, the two are indispensable.