Online pharmacy behind logic service is more important than drugs

may be in the near future, Dangdang on the home page to add a list of drugs on the list of drugs.

CEO Li Guoqing said recently, is actively apply to get the relevant license from the food and drug administration, and will be signed a cooperation agreement with the Internet platform with retail medical qualification enterprise — to in online selling medicine.

Li Guoqing’s remarks may not be received as he expected, because now people’s ears have been filled with a variety of online pharmacies open sound. In June 20th, Taobao mall launched the "Medicine Museum", and Shanghai Meida pharmacy, Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy, Hangzhou Jiuzhou pharmacy, Jiangxi happy people big pharmacy pharmacy, Yunnan Baiyao pharmaceutical companies in 5. But before Taobao, the introduction of 5 pharmaceutical companies Tencent pat Network, started in the online sale of drugs. The people questioned Taobao and pat in the online sale of drugs qualification at the same time, Kyushu Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd in July 6th announced that, through a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing good pharmacist pharmacy chain limited way through the capital Beijing Kyushu, Kyushu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd and Beijing Jingdong three hundred six hundred degrees Agel Ecommerce Ltd joint venture to carry out medical B2C e-commerce business. After the capital increase, Kyushu shares accounted for 51%, accounting for Jingdong shares of the two sides of the field of cooperation is limited to the online business, the joint venture company will register Jingdong good pharmacist trademark as the name of the new company website. Kyushu is the largest private pharmaceutical companies, according to market rumors, are being approached by the qualified pharmaceutical companies may be sinopharm.

July 8th, on the line less than a month at the mall Taobao Medical Museum, the State Food and Drug Administration said that Taobao does not have the qualifications in the online sale of drugs, food and drug supervision departments in Zhejiang province have been investigated on, while Taobao is in the rectification period. According to the regulations, if the enterprises want to in the online sale of drugs, must also have "the Internet and drug transaction service qualification certificate" and "Internet drug information service qualification certificate", two cards are indispensable, but Taobao has "information service qualification certificate".

for the online sale of drugs qualification concerns, Kyushu and Jingdong seem to be easier than Taobao, some of the cooperation between Kyushu and Jingdong in obtaining qualifications to take the 1+1 strategy. Kyushu medical network in 2000 made a transaction service qualification certificate (B2B), and in 2009 through e-commerce B2C certification. In cooperation with Jingdong, according to the agreement, within 60 days of Beijing Jiuzhou Tong and good pharmacists will assist Jingdong to obtain information service certificate".

it is clear that the pharmaceutical e-commerce market is a huge cake electricity supplier bigwigs have the most direct reason for the layout of online pharmacies. According to the China Pharmaceutical Business Association released data, 2009 Chinese pharmaceutical retail market size of about 150 billion yuan, while in 2011 of about 173 billion 900 million yuan, but in 2009 the domestic drug sales network is only 70 million yuan, accounting for the entire pharmaceutical market of 0.046%, while 201>