Amoy girl registered network mode up to 35 thousand in the first half of the output value of over 1


is a network model for photo shoot shop products. (picture) Xinhua News Agency

online shopping site 35000 registered network models in the first half of this year, the output value of over 1 billion 100 million yuan

when you choose skirt on the Internet, coat, hat, cosmetics, have not thought you attract what are those goods or the addition of a superb collection of beautiful things, wish: you want to wear this dress becomes her so beautiful girl, rub this cream into her skin so good…… And this, she is now the most enthusiastic young girl’s new career – net model.

recently, online shopping platform announced its racquet model website "cat woman" in the first half of this year 35000 registered net output value (deducting mode into tax, income before) has more than 1 billion 100 million yuan, that is to say, the average net annual gross income of more than 30 thousand yuan.

text / reporter Gong Yixuan

North Canton hang network model

accounted for more than half of the country

According to the

network model in revealed that its subsidiary, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou network, Hangzhou four on more than 50% of the national total, net earning tens of thousands of dollars is not rare, now the highest daily income can reach 50 thousand yuan, equivalent to half of the income of white-collar first-tier cities.

Although the same as the

model, network model do not need to have the T model that is proud, also do not need to have that kind of delicate face advertising model, as long as you dress up, style, have the opportunity to become the girl on the red network, the resulting income could not stop. It is this seemingly easy opportunities to make money, so that more and more girls to join the network mode of this industry, has just graduated from college students in their job, the airline stewardess, there are white-collar workers, even some famous stars could not come up to the network and the network mode "".

abandon the stewardess to do net model for money to fast

This year the

momentum Sheng network model, is selected from the ChinaJoy showgirl Lv Yao, although the first game spokesperson, but the 90 girls soon became a major network business darling, contract number. In order to better take care of all kinds of affairs, Lv Yao also hired a broker for myself, there is a special team responsible for the shooting and her makeup.

image quality are very outstanding Lv Yao, after graduation, had entered an airline as the airline stewardess, after the accident in the ChinaJoy draft, began to enter the circle model, then quit the airline stewardess work.

When asked why

will quit this airline stewardess many girls admire the work of Lv Yao, the answer is straightforward: quickly bring considerable economic income for her she can now engage in modeling work. According to Taobao, said Lv Yao is the "income"